Concrete Retaining Wall Installation & Repair in Lancaster

Concrete retaining walls are needed to control erosion, level an ideal patio area, or add a planting bed to your outdoor living space. Structures such as walkways, patios, and gazebos require flat surfaces. Even garden planting areas perform better if they are on flat areas of your yard. Building retaining walls offers a way to create these flat spaces. These walls are fairly easy to install, durable, affordable, and can be designed in a variety of colors and textures by staining or stamping the surface. This gives homeowners and business owners the option to have a great looking addition to their property. 

Concrete retaining walls require precise construction methods, and our Lancaster concrete company is ready to help build your ideal property wall. From the excavation of your wall area to the adding of our unique concrete finishes, we can do it all for you. Traditional cast-in-place concrete retaining walls are becoming unpopular among homeowners because these walls are expensive and take too much time to be built. Newer concrete wall systems have replaced them, and now these newer concrete wall designs are less expensive and faster to build.

Concrete block retaining walls have complex structural requirements, unlike any other landscape walls. These walls are perfect in providing you the privacy you need, to properly mark your property lines, or to keep your children and pets inside. Not only that but your concrete retaining wall should also have the capability to hold back the earth itself, which can exert thousands of pounds of force when mixed with water. The design of your cinder block retaining wall must anticipate these stresses. And all this will be done by our concrete construction team for you.

For everyone’s information, Lancaster County property owners are required to secure building permits for all retaining walls four feet in height or greater. The good news is that our team can install a retaining wall for you that strictly follows these building practices and codes required by the law. We also ensure that the walls we build cannot damage or pose a direct or indirect risk to neighboring properties.

Poured concrete is also called cast concrete foundation, and it uses wet concrete, delivered, and poured into place. These are easier to install compared to concrete blocks. If you prefer to use poured concrete, then it should be designed by a professional to ensure there are adequate footings and steel for your structure. Our team has installed hundreds of poured concrete walls throughout Lancaster and nearby areas. Although poured concrete retaining walls are not as strong as those made with concrete blocks, we can add reinforcement steels to it to increase its strength and durability. Poured concrete walls are fire-resistant and are termite-resistant. Making it one of the best options to put up when you need to protect your property from unwanted ground soil or debris. Also, these structures can be easily customized to better fit your property’s design by having a stained concrete wall or a stamped concrete retaining wall. Overall, they can be an effective long-term solution to different types of soil and water conditions whether you’re building it using poured concrete or cinder blocks. If you need help building your ideal retaining wall, call our team today for your free consultation!